I'm Sean. I'm a published author. I blog random movie and nirvana and Columbine stuff that a lot of people like so I hope you do too. I refollow everyone oh and I'm Fat. Im a reject but who isn't these days? Get to know me I love to answer questions!

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I’m glad to be back and I am happy I am posting the old stuff you guys originally followed me for! If you have any requests, dares, questions let me know!

Me and my dad watching something on T.V.
  • Dad: Wow everything is so colorful, not like you would be able to see it anyway, you're colorblind.
  • Me: Yeah I know dad thanks for the letting me know.
  • Dad: I'm not making fun of you I'm just letting you know you are colorblind and you can't see the colors.
  • Me: I know you douche haha